BIG Book Sets

8 Big Books for $25

Some of our sets are also available in BIG Book versions. BIG Books are ideal for classroom situations or for children who may need larger format books.

BIG Books are laminated and measure 8.5" X 11". Each set contains a single copy of eight titles for $25.

Available in BIG Size

BIG Books Add-On For Bargain Bundles

32 Big Books for $75

If you're buying the Preschool & Kindergarten Bargain Bundle, you can also buy the BIG Books Add-On (32 books for $75). Bundle information and pricing is available here.

The BIG Books Add-On includes the following BIG Book Sets:

  • BIG Caption Books
  • BIG Emergent Reader 1
  • BIG Rhymes & Songs 1
  • BIG Nursery Rhymes

Each set contains a single copy of eight titles.

To take advantage of the considerable savings of the BIG Books Add-On you must also purchase the Preschool & Kindergarten Bundle at $500 for 2,000 books.