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Catalog: Late First Grade & Beginning Second Grade

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Late First 1 (levels G-H/12-14)

Product Image

Available in Super-Saver, Full, or Mini Set Quantities

This set contains full pages of text with less support from the pictures and enriched vocabulary, which increases the level of text difficulty. Stories include the fun of a trickster tale, information on fire safety, the excitement of a roller coaster ride, and the return of our favorite, mischievous dog, Mutt.

Order Code: LF1

Letters, Words, & Numbers (levels F-I/10-15)

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Available in Super-Saver, Full, or Mini Set Quantities

Through a lively story format, children are shown how numbers are used in everyday activities. These books introduce the use of numbers in addition, subtraction, counting, making change, telling time, weighing, estimating, and making comparisons. Numbers are incorporated within the stories, becoming one more element of the reading experience.

Order Code: LWN

Raccoon Family Adventures 1 for Reading Lessons (levels E-H/7-14)

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Available ONLY in Small Group Reading Set Quantity

Add these books to your permanent classroom collection and/or school book room.

Set RAC1 below is a black and white version for students to take home.

The Raccoon Family Adventure Series is available in color with a new format for use with individual and small group reading lessons. The resource Teaching Suggestions for a Reading Lesson is included on the inside back covers for:

  • Interactive Introductions

  • Word study

  • Language/vocabulary study

  • Comprehension/discussion questions

  • Writing ideas to extend the story

Order Code: RAC1c-GR
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Raccoon Family Adventures 1 (levels E-H/7-14)

Product Image

Available in Super-Saver, Full, or Mini Set Quantities

Take children on 8 delightful adventures with this colorful family as they explore the world around them. Follow the two playful twins, Ricky and J.J., as their curiosity gets them into mischief. Children will enjoy joining these characters on many fun-filled journeys. Set RAC1c-GR above can be used for individual & small group reading lessons prior to sending these books home.

Order Code: RAC1

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